December 21, 2014

Todayís meeting of the GTPCC was held in Community Room of Howell Furniture, 6095 Folsom in Beaumont, Texas

Attendance: 14 members and 4 guests.

  New Members: 0

  Renewals: 1 Bobby Ford

Guest Speaker: None

Speaker Presentation: open Forum

1:30 pm:  Todayís meeting was Open Forum. Dr. Sam opened meeting. He connected a memberís computer to the club monitor to demonstrate how to uninstall junkware that the member had installed unintentionally. He answered questions and mentioned several tips during the process including safe mode advantages.  

3:22 pm: Door prize drawing by Treasurer. For winners view Door Prizes page on this site.

3:30 pm:  Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by,

Gwen Jones

GTPCC Secretary