November 20, 2011


Today’s meeting of the GTPCC was held in the Community Room of Howell Furniture, 6095 Folsom in Beaumont, Texas

Guest Speaker: Ira Wilsker

Presentation: Shopping On Line

Attendance:  23 members and 16 guests.

1:30p.m.: Dr. Sam opened meeting with Questions & Answers. Topics discussed:

Nook Color and Nook Tablet

SplashTop remote desktop

Saving files from libraries to hard drive

Note: Check before disconnecting anything external-wise to prevent loosing info

pdf converter

Scuzzy drives

External drive brand names


2:20p.m.: Our president reviewed information available on our website, www.gtpcc.org, for those not on the GTPCC mailing list


2:30p.m.: Dr. Sam introduced our guest speaker, Ira Wilsker, spoke about shopping online. (Web sites posted on gtpcc.org/Bulletin Board/Shopping Sights)

Ira handed out a list of deal sites, also available at beaumontweather.com/dealsites.html

The list also include tips for online security

He went over several sites on the list as well as additional sites: sms.goolge.com and retailmenot.com

Firefox Invisible hand was also discussed.

President announced next month: Computer classes offered by L.I.T.


4:00 pm: Treasurer, Jerry McDaniel held door prize drawing:  Winners were:

Grace Riggs: Revers Laptop Shuttle-Brown case Donated by Computer Dimensions

Dennis Ruddy: Energizer Portable Power for cell phones donated by GTPCC

Jimmy Harris: 3 foot Digital Audio cable donated by GTPCC

Rebecca Head: Water Powered H2O Calculator Donated by GTPCC

Billie Sorrells: Brick-by-Brick Silhouette Puzzle donated by Barnes & Nobles

Sue Johnson:  Windows on the World Wine Journal donated by Barnes & Nobles

Katrina Rodriguez: Santa Figurine donated by Marsha Dupre


4:15 p.m.: Meeting adjourned.



Submitted by,

Gwen Jones

GTPCC Secretary