November 15, 2009


Meeting Location:   Community Room of Howell Furniture                             

                                 6095 Folsom Drive

                                 Beaumont, Texas 

Meeting Presentation Start:     2:30 PM

Meeting Presentation End:      3:45 PM


Attendance:  14

Members:  13

Guests:   1

New member:   0

Renewal:   1,


Featured Speaker:  Mr. Dale Farris

                                Instructor of Business and Computer Information

                                Lamar University

                                Beaumont, Texas 

Featured Topic:  Cloud Computing and Growing Dependence on the Internet

 Mr. Farris reviewed a 27-page printout regarding various aspects of Cloud Computing. 

Cloud Computing Defined (Seth Colaner, "The Cloud"):

"In Spartan terms, what cloud computing does is place almost all computing functions . on the Internet". 

Anticipated scenario (Seth Colaner, "The Cloud"):

"The idea is that all we would need in the future is a device that can access the Internet". 

Current Problems:

1.  Cannot save document to your computer.

2.  Cannot print document on your printer.

3.  Access is potentially unreliable; although, no data loss. 


Suggested URL for introduction to Cloud Computing:


Note:  Please key this URL directly into your browser.

          Otherwise, you may be routed to an incorrect location. 


Door prizes:


Gene Koch won the Wireless Earphone Head Set donated by GTPCC
Claud Sibert won the 80mm Fan donated by Zydeco Technologies

Angela Walker won the 15.4" Computer Shuttle Case donated by Computer Dimensions
Ira Monroe won the 8gb USB Flash Drive Donated by Computer Shak
Don Schoening won Liberty & Tyranny book donated by Barnes & Nobles 


Submitted by,

Claud Sibert

GTPCC Secretary