November 16, 2008


The November 16, 2008 meeting of the Golden Triangle PC Club had a total of 18 members, and 4 visitors in attendance.  

 Dr. Sam Giglio conducted the discussion group prior to the meeting in which we discussed the movement to a new location for our meetings due to cancellation of Lodge Room space. Also discussed was the compatibility of using of 2 firewalls. 

At 2:30 the meeting was called to order. Dr. Sam Giglio introduced our guest speaker, Myron Knapp of Wachovia Securities, who gave presentation on “Investments and Securities on Line”. Mr. Knapp noted on line investors MUST be knowledgeable as stocks and bonds are “not created equal” and know what a stock is worth overall and to use caution. What to look for Includes, Grahams Formula, Current Ratio, LtDt/ capital, Credit rating, maturity, and Dividend history/yield. Also mentioned was asset allocation, Tax efficiency & deferral. Cons to on line investing includes the high cost of research, time, emotional decision making, no access to alternative investments, and lower costs levels. Pros of on line investing include low cost, transparency, control and convenience. Also discussed was the threat of ID theft and the costly results.  

Winners of door prizes:

Martin Tirabosso: Cyber Acoustics Speakers donated by Computer Shak.

Ira Monroe: Logitech Wing Man donated by Computer Dimentions.

Myron Knapp: Gender Changers donated by Zydeco Technologies

Angeia Walker: 4 Storage bins donated by GTPCC 

The upcoming events were discussed, meeting was adjourned at 4:50 PM 

Submitted by,

Adam Balla

GTPCC Secretary