October 21, 2007

Our First session of Dr. Giglio Computer Discussion Group, chaired by Dr. Sam Giglio was held prior (1:45 to 2:20 PM) to the meeting.  This SIG meeting offers those in attendance the opportunity to ask questions and to obtain help with computer problems.

The November 18, 2007 meeting of the Golden Triangle PC Club was called to order at 2:30PM by president Don Schoening with a total of 16 members and 10 visitors in attendance. 

President, Don Schoening introduced our guest speaker, Ira Wilsker.  The topic of the presentation was regarding free anti-virus, anti-spam software that can be downloaded free from the Internet.  Ira will have two articles in upcoming editions of The Examiner in December where he writes about the free software that is available.  Information on the websites and the software will be available in The Examiner on December 23 and December 30, and will also be available on the Golden Triangle PC Club's website next month under Meeting Reviews and the President's Page.  Ira went through some of the websites and pointed out the features of some of the software. 

These are some of the websites discussed that can be accessed on the Internet for downloading free software:

·        www.irfanView.com - One of the most popular graphics editor and media player in the world that can be used as an editor for photos.  With it you can View, Convert, Optimize, Scan and Print, Create Slideshows, do Batch Processing and play movies and sounds.  After downloading the software, you can add the Plugins/AddOns.  You can view any type of video and audio formats with this software.

·        www.free.grisoft.com - Good quality anti-virus software.  Over 50 million people are registered users of this free software. It give you basic virus protection with frequent updates, but it does not offer technical support

·        www.comodo.com - British computer security system at the corporate level.  It offers complete suite of security products.

·        www.comodoantispam.com - Works with VISTA

·        www.safer-networking.org - Spybot Version 1.5.1, offers updates once a week on Wednesdays and has other utilities.  Suggested that you turn off any other anti-virus software when downloading and then reconnecting after you finish downloading.

·        www.avast.com - Second most popular anti-virus software

Ira emphasized that before downloading any software off of the internet make a complete backup or restore point and check system requirements to make sure your computer can handle the software.

Don Shoening reported that the December 16th presentation would be “The Power of Linux by Adam Balla, graphics artist for American Classified. He hoped everyone would attend this excellent program to be featured at the December 16th meeting.

The following were winners of the door prizes

·        $10.00 Gander Mountain Gift Card: Claud Sibert

  • 4 copies of IOLO System Shield 3 Internet Security donated by Ira Wilsker     Copy #1: John Mikesska
  • Copy #2: Corinne Griggs
  • Copy #3: Bob Ford
  • Copy #4: Ted Pennington

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Alice Sibert
GTPCC Secretary