October 19, 2014

 Today’s meeting of the GTPCC was held in Community Room of Howell Furniture, 6095 Folsom in Beaumont, Texas

 Attendance: 15 members and 4 guests.

  New Members: 0

  Renewals: 1 Gilbert Saldana

Guest Speaker: Randy Skiles

Speaker Presentation: Google Docs and Google Drive

 At 1:30 pm: Dr. Sam’s Q&A:

Dr. Sam opened meeting with Q & A.  Topics discussed:



            Data Collection from Browses

            Hotspots and Wi-Fi

            CCleaner components

            Malwarebytes’ Anti-exploit

            Deactivating Startup programs


            Software installation

            Poodle and other browser attackers

            Chrome and Firefox latest versions


The internet at our meeting facility was unavailable, a hotspot was created using our treasurer’s phone for internet connection.

At 2:30 pm: Guest Speaker Presentation:

Our guest speaker, Randy Skiles spoke to us about Google Docs and Google Drive and led a discussion about similar topics.

At 3:10 pm:  Our president announced next month’s meeting will be Q & A hosted by Ira Wilsker and speaker proposals for 2015.   

At 3:17 pm: Door prize drawing held by Jerry McDaniel. See "Door Prizes" page for door prize winners and donors.

At 3:35 pm  Meeting Adjourned 

Submitted by,

Gwen Jones

GTPCC Secretary