October 19, 2008


The October 19, 2008 meeting of the Golden Triangle PC Club had a total of 17 members, and 3 visitors in attendance.  

Dr. Sam Giglio conducted the discussion group prior to the meeting in which we discussed the release of Internet Explorer 8. A new software updated manager provided by www.filehippo.com. Problems with iobit advanced system care running along side microsoft's advanced windows care. We also discussed one of the latest internet exploits known as "clickjacking" visit www.windowssecret.com for more details.  

Bob had a question about how to successfully reformat his toshiba laptop, and reload it with Windows XP. We came to the conclusion that toshiba does not provide any sort of backwards compatible drivers for its new laptop. However HP/Compaq do provide drivers if you chat with one of the support technicians.  

Throughout the discussion Dr. Giglio also touched on trend micros defrag utility that seems to run extremely slow while is virus scanner is running. The solution was to exit your virus scanner because it is constantly scanning files on your hard drive. We also touched on Vipre Antivirus which is a new virus scanner with an very low memory footprint. However Vipre Antivirus does not include a firewall.

At 2:30, Mr. Don Schoening, called the meeting to order, introducing George Perrett from Time Warner Cable. Mr Perrett started by talking about the move to digital broadcasting signal coming in 2009. In theory by the end of 2009 we should have ten times as many channels to choose from.  With digital broadcasting they will be able to fit ten channels within the bandwidth it currently takes to broadcast one channel. Because of the large expansion thirty nine channels will be given away to local broadcasters, one of those local broadcasters will be ubid tv. Not only will there be more channels and more bandwidth, but the cost for a station broadcaster will decrease drastically.  

Mr. Perrett also touched on how their hub located in Nederland converts all signals to digital format. So by the time you view the channel you are viewing a digital feed. Even if you have existing cable running throughout your house you will be able to receive these channels without any change to your current television setup. However if you still rely on an analog antenna to pick up your stations you will need to buy a digital converter box. You can find out more about digital converter boxes and coupons at  http://www.dtvanswers.com/. Also if you have digital cable you will most likely receive a new cable box within the next three years. 

Toward the end of the talk Mr. Perrett spoke about Timer Warner's case study to limit how much a user will be able to download. In essence users will have a cap on how many MB they can download each month. Based on the 80 people tested only one of those people managed to pop their monthly usage limit. It is still not known at this time if this will go live with preexisting customers and new customers. In closing Mr. Perrett promised to come back and visit the GTPCC sometime in 2009. 

Winners of the Door Prizes; 

Adam Balla: CD/DVD Softcase with Speaker donated by Computer Dimentions

Martha Royall: USB Mouse with Pad donated by Computer Shak 

Richard Brink: Surge Protector donated by Zydeco Technologies 

Gene Koch: Gender Changer Kit donated by Office Depot 

Angela Walker: Storage Cabinet Group donated by GTPCC 

The Meeting Adjourned at 4:15 PM.


Submitted by,

Adam Balla

GTPCC Secretary