October 21, 2007

Don Schoening, Club President, called the meeting to order.  The October 21, 2007 meeting of the Golden Triangle PC Club had a total of 13 members and 10 visitors in attendance.    

Dr. Sam Giglio introduced the speaker, Michael Kirkpatric from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.  The topic of his presentation was regarding Mobile Computers in Law Enforcement.  He also introduced his wife Joan.

Michael has been with the Sheriff's Department for 24 years.  His first assignment was at the county jail in the ID Bureau.  There he learned to categorize fingerprints and did crime scene investigations.  He stated that when he started everything was done manually.  Everything was typed on a manual typewriter and all prisoner information, including mug shots, was filed separately and was not readily available to other law enforcement agencies.

He stated that through these 24 years the advancements that had the most significance were those in communications.  Through his years of employment computers began to be used and he thought that perhaps all of the information, which they had stored, could somehow be incorporated into a program in order that it be more readily available not only to their agency but also agencies in several surrounding counties.  He worked closely with Don Simon, a programmer who was also employed there.  Through his efforts they were able to merge all of the information together and make it available to other police, fire and emergency agencies. 

Much advancement has been made through the years and now most patrol cars are equipped with laptop computers and they have immediate access to vital information before an arrest is made.  Mug shots and rap sheets are also a vital part of the information, which they can access.  Digital cameras have also been introduced and have become an intregal part of crime investigations.  At present, there is a 40" Sony plasma attached to camera's keeping surveillance on the Neches River.  Through a $1 million grant from the City of Port Neches the Sheriff's Department will be able to obtain more advanced computer equipment. 

 He showed a brief video on the use of new taser guns and how they are used in the field.  He briefly described the use of taser guns and stated that individuals may also own these guns after qualifying by taking a class and being stunned.  He said that these guns must be concealed when carried since it is not possible for a policeman to distinguish between it being a taser or an actual gun.


Don Shoening reported that the registrations to attend the Annual Conference of APCUG to be held in Las Vegas on January 3rd through the 6th at the Riviera will end November.  The code to be used when registering is APCUG08.  Anyone interested in attending this conference may obtain additional information on the club website under ANNOUNCEMENTS.   He also asked whether or not it would be a good idea to create another feature on the club website called BULLETIN BOARD where members could list items which they would like to trade, swap or buy.

Don announced that the November meeting would feature a demo on free utilities software, and that in December the presentation would be on the Power of the Linux operating system.  Gander Mountain has made available members a $10 discount card for members who plan to make a purchase of more than $50.  If anyone is interested may obtain one from him.

Don announced that all items donated for the drawing were from the Office Depot on Dowlen Road.  The following were winners of the drawing:

        $10.00 Gander Mountain Gift Certificate donated by GTPCC - Jerry McDaniel

        Leather Office Chair - Earline Ballou

        3-drawer Fennington storage  - Ted Pennington

  • 4 Space Maker Storage Cubes (Blue) - Alice Sibert

  • 4 Space Maker Storage Cubes (Red) - Monte Woodard

The meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Alice Sibert
GTPCC Secretary