September 20, 2009

 Meeting Location:  Howell Furniture

                              Community Room

                              6095 Folsom Drive

                              Beaumont, Texas 

Meeting Presentation Start:     2:40 PM

Meeting Presentation End:      4:30 PM


  Attendance:  22

     Members:  18

New member:   0

      Renewal:   0                      

        Guests:   4                    


Featured Speaker #1:  Dr. Sam Giglio.

    Featured Topic #1:  Wired and Wireless Networking. 

A.  Wired Networking:

Essentially, all components are physically (cables) connected to the


B.  Wireless Networking:

A wireless access point is required.  This component is especially

complicated.  Two configurations exist - Type G and Type N.

The general rule-of-thumb is to use only one type.  The Type N

system is a factor of 10 faster than Type G.  Also, Type N will

extend coverage beyond the range of Type G (this situation has

methods to overcome the deficiency).  Mixing the systems will

reduce speed to the slower system. 


Using Router Software, MAC address filtering is most effective for

self protection of the Wireless Network (other methods are within

the router software).


Benefits of Networking:

Sharing hardware (resources).

Sharing software between computers (requires setup within the

Operating System).


C.  A Different Style of Networking:

Connect an Internet modem to a router.  Then, connect multiple

computers to the router.  All connected computers are capable of

surfing the Web simultaneously.



Featured Speaker #2:  Stuart Griggs (Lake Charles, SWLPCUG)

    Featured Topic #2:  Sprint Smart Cell Phone to Laptop. 

The setup was using a Sprint Smart Cell Phone running Windows

Mobile with an Unlimited Data Plan (purchased).  The Sprint Smart

Cell Phone was directly connected to the laptop.  Internet Explorer,

on the laptop, was surfing the Web.  Awesome!!!!!


Door prizes Winners:

Ira Monroe:Logitech Keyboard donated by Computer Shak.


Jerry McDaniel: Dazzle Smart Media Reader/Writer donated by Computer Dimensions


John L. Mikeska: Antec Blue LED Fan donated by Zydeco Technologies. 


Report submitted by:

Claud Sibert