GTPCC Meeting Minutes

August 21, 2016


Todayís meeting of the GTPCC was held in Community Room of Howell Furniture,

6095 Folsom in Beaumont, Texas

Attendance: 14 members and 9 guests.

0 New Members:

2 Renewals: Sue Johnson & John Malain

Guest Speaker: Canceled

At 1:30 pm: Dr. Samís Q&A:

Our guest speakers were unable to attend meeting.

Dr. Sam continued the meeting with Q & A. Topics discussed:

  • Turning off split screen on iphone

  • Smart watch on sale @ Verizon

  • CarPlay apps

  • iReader & MHL to HDMI connections

  • Secondary batteries


  • W10 update

  • Iraís page

  • W10 & W7 simularities

  • Browsers Firefox, Google, IE, Microsoft Edge

  • VPN

  • W10 free options

  • Google cloud print & ePrint

  • Credit card on line purchasing, debit vs. credit, credit vs. cash

  • Outlook & Thunderbird email apps

  • Libre vs. Microsoft Office

  • Tango & TextNow

  • Deals on data plans & upcoming new devices

At 3:30 pm: Announcements:

At 3:35 pm: Door prize drawing held by Treasurer, Jerry McDaniel.

See "Door Prizes" page for door prize winners and donors.

At 3:50 pm: Meeting Adjourned.

Submitted by,

Gwen Jones

GTPCC Secretary