August 17, 2014

Todayís meeting of the GTPCC was held in

Community Room of Howell Furniture,

6095 Folsom in Beaumont, Texas


Attendance: 18 members and 5 guests.

  New Members: 2:  Vivian Emmert and John Matlain

  Renewals: 1:  Bob Finch

Guest Speaker: Randy Skiles

Speaker Presentation: External Hard Drives and FlashDrives


At 1:30 pm: Dr. Samís Q&A:

Dr. Sam opened meeting with Q & A.  Topics discussed:

             Acronis for Macs

            Internet Explorer (IE) and Google Chrome browsers and settings

            Latest operating systems for Mac and Windows


            Windows 8 control panel

            Program uninstallers (Revo, Iobit, Windows)


            Importing from browsers


2:30 pm:  Our guest speaker, Randy Skiles of Region 5 Education Services Center, gave a presentation on flash drives and external hard drives.  He showed us pros and cons on five different options to copy and save files:

            Flash drives

            USB powered drives

            External powered drives

            WiFi enabled drives

            NAS (network Attached Storage) drives

He also advised us on www.dealmac.com to purchase these items


3:35 pm:    Door prize drawings were held by Jerry McDaniel, See "Door Prizes" page for door prize winners and donors.


3:55 pm:  Our president announced our guest speaker for next monthís meeting will be John Ruisch (Tiny) from Southwest Louisiana PC Userís Group on using Android devices as computer replacements.


4:00 pm:  Southwest Louisiana PC Userís Group announced they had some giveaway computer items for those who are interested.


4:10 pm: Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by,

Gwen Jones

GTPCC Secretary