August 15, 2010

 Today’s meeting of the GTPCC was held in The Conference Room of Howell Furniture, 6095 Folsom, Beaumont, Texas 

Attendance: 31 Members and 4 Guests. We had 1 new member join, Tony Caudel, with 4 membership renewals.

Presentation: All About The i-Pad, by Jennifer Benton of Computer Dimensions, 3050 Dowlen, in Beaumont.

At 1:30; Dr. Sam's Discussion and Q&A group with many topics discussed including: Backing up of files and programs, defragging utilities, registry utilities, anti virus and malware removal, Restoring and access for Dell  reserve partition, and accessing drivers.

At 2:30; Guest Presentation by Jennifer Benton of Computer Dimensions, All About The Apple i-Pad. A complete and detailed demonstration of the i-Pad was given, with information on the many Apps available. Jennifer also spoke about i-tunes and applications.

At 4:10 presidents announcements on upcoming events, Web Page and door prizes.

At 4:20 Door Prize drawing was held with following winners;      

2        Angela Walker: 3 inches puzzle ball donated by Barnes & Noble.


3        Mike Downs: Griffin cup holder insert for iPod & iPod donated by Computer Dimenisions


4        Billie Jean Sorrells: 9-LED Flashlight with Batteries donated by Anonymous Member.


Stuart Griggs:Scratch-N-Scroll mouse pad Donated by Computer Dimenisions. 


Don Schoening: iMicro PC Webcam with built-in microphone Donated by GTPCC.                

Submitted by,

Sam Giglio  for GTPCC Secretary