August 16, 2009


Meeting Location:      Community Room of Howell Furniture

                                    6095 Folsom Drive

                                    Beaumont, Texas                                                                                                                 


Meeting Presentation Start:     2:30 PM

Meeting Presentation End:      4:30 PM 



Members 22

Guests 6

New member:  Kyle Hollier

Renewals:  George & Mary Sculley and Mike Lagaza 

Featured Speaker:  Mr. Claud Sibert     Featured Topic:  An Afternoon with Excel

Claud presented in detail the three major features of Excel:

1.  Graphing Data

2.  Number Processing

3.  Database Sorting 

A graph was created from a prefabricated data table of temperature versus elapsed time.  Each step in the graphing process was carefully detailed.  Once a graph is created, updating only requires inputting data over the existing data.  The graph is automatically updated. 

Number processing was detailed using a column of numbers.  Several built-in functions were reviewed.  Also, the effects of relative cell reference and absolute cell reference were shown.  A simple expense report was reconciled using only a few clicks of the mouse. 

Database (address list) alphabetizing (a type of sort) was presented.  Critical feature - the entire database must be selected for sorting. 

Please contact Claud Sibert regarding your problems with Excel:

E-mail:  cesjr2004@yahoo.com, telephone:  409-729-1987

Winner of Door prizes:                                        

Corinne Griggs won 18 inch Round Floppy Drive Cable donated by Zydeco Technologies


John Ruesch won CD Softcase with Integrated Speaker, 12 disk Capacity

 donated by Computer Dimensions


Mike Lagaza won 56K/V.92 Fax Modem donated by Computer Shak


Jan Goodson won Note Pad Dispenser donated by GTPCC


Submitted by:

Claud Sibert