August 17, 2008

The August 17, 2008 meeting of the Golden Triangle PC Club had a total of 19 members, and 11 visitors in attendance. 

Dr. Sam Giglio conducted the discussion group prior to the meeting in which we discussed a couple of way to totally erase an existing hard drive. Below are a couple of applications to do so. 

"Wipe Drive" www.wipecanyon.com and "CCleaner" www.ccleaner.com  

A visitor also had a question about "AV2008" which is NOT an antivirus application. In fact its a virus. It was suggested that one runs an application like AVG available at  www.grisoft.com  One member mentioned that you should also install a firewall to monitor your network traffic. Below are a couple of applications to do so. 

 "Threat Fire"  www.threatfire.com and "Comodo"  www.comodo.com  

Toward the end of the discussion group Sir John addressed the club about creating a special interest group for genealogy. The "genies" was created as a special interest group and will meet every forth Thursday at 6:30pm, in the Lodge Room of Gander Mountain with first meeting on September 28th, 2008. 

At 2:30, Mr. Don Schoening, called the meeting to order, introducing Joe Mike Brooks from Zydeco Technologies. Mr. Brooks mentioned that due to problems at AT&T he could not have a representive come to visit us. He did mention that AT&T has some great new technology to combine internet, television, and phone service. However do to the expense of expansion it is going to take a few years to get to Southeast Texas, and is currently being tested in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. 

Mr. Brooks went on to give a great presentation over computer power supplies. Also known as PSU's. A power supply is simply a small transformer that converts AC voltage into DC voltage and are measured in watts. Most desktop computers typically contain a 300-350 watt power supply. A typical gaming computer can easily have a 1000watt power supply. Some gamers even choose to use two power supplies because a gaming video card can draw 300+ watts. 

Most power supplies generally have 70% efficiency. Some of the newer "green" power supplies have 85% efficiency. All power supplies have three voltages which are 3.3v, 5v, and 12v. The wires that come out of the power supply are known as "rails".  These rails plug into the internal devices in your computer to power them. Several computer failures are due to power supply failure. NEVER SERVICE A POWER SUPPLY. If you think that your power supply has gone out it is suggested that you take it to a shop or purchase a new power supply. 

To protect yourself it is recommended that you use a surge protector. Surge protectors are rated in "joules". A good surge protector is atleast 600 joules. It is also recommended to replace your surge protector every couple of years as they do wear out. It is also suggested that you invest in a UPS also known as a "battery backup". This will protect you from power surges and generally allow you five to ten minutes of power off your computer. Giving you enough time to close and save anything your currently working on. 

The following were winners of Door Prizes:  

#1  Inter Video WinDVD7 dvd playing application, Donated by John Mikeska,

Winner: Jerry Wilkerson  

#2  iClone 2 Studio 3D Real-Time Filmmaking, Donated by Ira Wilsker,

Winner: Richard Brink 

#3  Aquarium screensaver, Donated by GTPCC,

Winner: George Scully 

#4  Wingman game controller Donated by Computer Dimensions,

Winner: Claud Sibert 

#5  480w power supply Donated by Joe Mike Brooks of Zydeco Technologies,

Winner: Dr. Sam Giglio 

#6  bitdefender 2008 Security Donated by  Joe Mike Brooks of Zydeco Technologies, Winner: Lois Cash 

The Meeting Adjourned at 4:45 PM. 

Submitted by,

Adam Balla

GTPCC Secretary