AUGUST 19, 2007

  The August 19, 2007 meeting of the Golden Triangle Personal Computer Club had a total of 38 Participants: with 17 members, and 21 guests in attendance. There were 2 new members joining our club as well as 3 membership renewals.

Don  Schoening, Club President, called the meeting to order and welcomed all participants, who then turned meeting over to Vice President, Dr. Sam Giglio. 

Dr. Sam Giglio introduced the speakers from Computer Shak: Robert L. Fore, President; Steven M. Fore, Vice President & General Manager; David Brunett, Branch Manager/Senior Technician; Matt Cherry and Roy Cooper, Technicians.

Steven Fore gave a brief explanation of the types of services provided by their company and stated that they now have three locations: (1) Beaumont, (2) Vidor, and (3) a Mid-County location in Port Arthur.  They basically make custom computers including custom laptops, and BB1 Notebooks by Intel with three-year warranties.  He stated that no other business similar to theirs offers this type of warranty.  They were in business since 1990 and he personally had been working with computers since he was 14 years old using the Dos 2.0 system.

Steve stated that many people were complaining about the new Vista System, but that in his opinion Vista is the best operating system ever made.  Members in the audience asked questions regarding the differences in Cores.  He explained processors, Dual Cores and Quad Cores.  When using photo programs, video editing and gaming, Quad Core is preferred.

One of the tips he gave was that people should not place laptop computers on the bed or on a pillow on your lap since the cooling system is located at the bottom of the computer.  There are devices that can be purchased to put under the laptop to allow air to circulate so that the computer does not heat up. Cleaning the cooling fan is a must. 

A demonstration of real time video cameras was given, explaining how these video surveillance systems are used in various situations. 

Don Schoening thanked the Computer Shak staff for their presentation.  Don added that one of the key factors to obtaining good presentations was the number of members in the club and urged those in attendance to spread the word and encourage others to also come to the meetings and join the club. 

It was announced that Ira Wilsker would be the speaker at the next meeting in September.  He will be speaking on Computer Privacy and ID Protection.

Don announced that Sir John Mickeska had a serious back surgery and will be in a brace for three months.  We wish him the best and a speedy recovery.  Ira Monroe announced that he would welcome phone calls and e-mails but could not receive visitors at this time.

Ira Wilsker announced that the Annual Conference of APCUG would be held in Las Vegas in January at the Riviera.


The following were winners of Door Prizes:

$10.00 Gift Certificate Donated by Gander Mountain – Monte  Woodward

Sibertsoft Roll-Out program Donated by Sibersoft Computer Programs – Billy Dunlap

3-drawer filing cabinet Donated by Dowlen Road Office Depot –Gary Perkins

4 stackable drawers Donated by Dowlen Road Office Depot –Courtney Fore

Gender kit/printer cable Donated by Stagg Drive Office Depot-  Angela Walker

Fire wire cable Donated by Stagg Drive Office Depot – Paul Keedy

Iron-on t-shirt transfers given to all present, Compliments of Dowlen Office Depot.


Meeting adjourned at 4:20 p.m.

 Respectfully submitted by
Alice Sibert
GTPCC Secretary