July 20, 2008

 Today’s meeting of the Golden Triangle PC Club had total of 16 members and 4 visitors in attendance. 

Dr. Sam’s discussion group prior to presentation was conducted by Don Schoening, with the following subjects discussed:

Claud Sibert brought to our attention of "How do I restore Windows if I've lost my restore CD?", PCWorld, page 116, August 2008. The problem is the "hidden hard-drive partition".  Once this partition is corrupted, only the restore CD will supposedly correct the situation.  The partition is not detected with Windows Explorer.  Partitioning software will identify the partition. His Compaq Presario had a "Compaq Config Partition". A countermeasure - build your own computer. Also discussed was The continuing problem with XP SP3 with some users:The need for update of Firefox 3 to 3.0.1:To restart Genealogy Group as an SIG: and The past access outage of our web page. 

At 2:30 the meeting was called to order by President Don Schoening who introduced the guest speaker Michael Clayton, President and CEO of the Southeast Texas Better Business Bureau. Mr. Clayton noted the growing distrust between consumer and business and the rise in complaints towards toward business. One goal of The BBB is to give factual information to consumers locally, nationally as well as abroad and to increase trust between business and consumers by applying the formula “Trust=speed+cost”. The BBB also offers a high degree of arbitration and resolution for consumer/business problems. 

Following the presentation, drawing for door prizes was held: 

48 Disk CD/DVD Wallet donated by Computer Shak won by Bobby Ford 

Pinnacle Studio Ver 11 donated by Ira Wilsker won by Earline Ballou 

Vista Step by Step book donated by GTPCC won by Ira Monroe 

3 Drawer Storage donated by Office Depot  won by Angelia Walker 

2.0 USB Flash Drive donated by Computer Dimentions won by Monte Woodard 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 

Submitted by Don Schoening for

Adam Balla, GTPCC Secretary