June 16, 2013 

Today’s meeting of the GTPCC was held in Community Room of Howell Furniture, 6095 Folsom, Beaumont, Texas 

Attendance: 11 members and 3 guests.

No New Members:  No Renewal:

Guest Speaker: Ira Wilsker of “My Computer Show”

Speaker Presentation: Great Software for Today’s Computers. 

1:30 pm:  Dr. Sam opened meeting with Q & A.  Topics discussed:

              Samsung and Microsoft kiosks at Best Buy

              Windows RT / Surface RT

              Samsung vs. Apple

              Mac app store & Windows store

              Windows 8.1 (Will have Start Icon)

              Windows 7 vs. Windows 8

              Screen protectors/shields, Zagg, OtterBox

              Samsung Kies

              Mail app for Mac & Windows

              Chrome books

              PC mover for Windows 8

              Sophos Mac antivirus


2:30 pm:  Our guest speaker, Ira Wilsker, continued with presentation on great free software available for today’s computers. Ira directed us to several websites:

              www.makeuseof.com    Cheat sheets for Windows 8 under Cheats & Guides Layered Security to use on top of existing antivirus programs                                                   under Best of Apps/Windows Software.

              www.techsupportalert.com    TrustGo antivirus under Best Apps/Best Free Android Apps

              www.saylor.org               Free education and ebooks in pdf or docx Kingsoft Office 2013 Free s. Libre or Open Office

              www.creditkarma.com    Free credit check & alerts

              www.squaretrade.com    Discounted warranty packages


4:15pm:  Our president announced next month’s meeting will be Latest Technology, Computer Networks, Virtual Machines with Lauri Arnold, L.I.T. Program Director.

4:17pm:  Our treasurer held drawing for door prizes  (See “ Door Prizes” page for winners).

4:28pm:  Meeting Adjourned 

Submitted by,

Gwen Jones

GTPCC Secretary