June 19, 2011


Today’s meeting of the GTPCC was held in the Community Room of Howell Furniture, 6095 Folsom in Beaumont, Texas

Attendance: 19 members and 5 guests.

0 New Members and 0 Renewals

Guest Speaker Presentation: Networking by Dr. Sam Giglio.

1:30 p.m.:  Dr. Sam opened meeting with Questions & Answers.  Topics discussed:


            Phone scam

            IE9 vs. Google Chrome

            Ira’s article (from The Examiner) on more free utils on our website with graphics

Note:  Ira’s articles posted on our website after midnight on the Friday after Examiner release.

Note:  Hold down Control button while using wheel on mouse to enlarge or minimize page.

            Touch screen controls on laptop models

            CrashPlan – New backup program.  More on this at upcoming meetings.

            Gaming conference held by Lake Charles computer club

            1st or 2nd generation chips in Laptops

            External hard drives – Essential and should be portable

            WipeDrive Professional

Note:  Clone existing drive before installing new software updates. 

2:30 p.m.:  Main presentation by guest speaker Dr.Sam Giglio on New Networking Technology

Wired and wireless network systems:  Need external drives and other hardware items – routers, modems, cables,.etc. and an ISP.

Note:  If interference with cordless phones, check filters on phones and home alarm systems.

Dr. Sam showed us wireless routers (suggests N over G) including the Dual Band N Router, wireless adapters (with PCI & USB), and wireless access points to enhance signal distance.

Internet services:  Time Warner, AT&T DSL, and Satellite.

Wireless security:  128 bit minimum encryption, requires some monitoring, need pass phrase for router and can set up to require MAC address for each computer.

Note:  Don’t set up a network until you secure it.

Wireless connection problems:  Weak signals:  Move router or adapter or tweak router

Wireless Manager - Base of most problems:  Let windows manage.

Powerline Ethernet adapter – for “dead” spots, plugs directly into wall (not into power strip), has built in security

Make sure plenty of air can get around router – can get hot and burn up

Run speed test periodically on your ISP

Match equipment by using same brand name

Dr. Sam also informed us on Network printers, Network sharing and “green” external drives

Wireless hotspots:  Verizon MiFi & cell phones with hotspots- connects 5 devices (for a fee)

Wireless tablet – Nook Color Tablet - $249

Note:  Purse magnet closures, etc. will not affect these.

Look for “guest” mode on routers – uses different pass word for visitors with laptops


3:30 p.m.:  Our President thanked Dr. Sam for his presentation.

Announcements were made:  Next month:  Group discussion on computer security.

Our treasurer held drawing for door prizes. Winners were a follows:


 Don't Break The Bottle Puzzle donated by Barnes & Noble won by John Lauve
 3 foot S-Video Cable from GTPCC won by Jerry Wilkerson
 inEar Earphones from GTPCC won by Don Schoening
 9-LED Flashlight from GTPCC won by Stuart Griggs
 Philips retractable CAT5e networking cable from GTPCC won by Gene Koch

Meeting adjourned at 4:00.


Submitted by,

Gwen Jones, GTPCC Secretary