June 21, 2009

Location: Community Room of Howell Furniture: 6095 Folsom Drive, Beaumont, TX.  


Attending:  25 Members and 4 Guests.  

Meeting Presentation Start:     2:30 PM

Meeting Presentation End:      3:45 PM 

Featured Speaker:  Ms. Cathay Young, Owner of Ideas Are Us

                                                                  Telephone:  409-962-6133

                                                                  Cell:  409-728-9310

                                                                  E-Mail:  catpepper@gt.rr.com


Ideas Are Us: A computer consulting and training organization.

Please contact Cathay for the details and price schedule. 

Cathay presented an excellent and in-depth tour of Office 2007

using Office 2003 for the presentation medium.  Cathay also

reviewed PowerPoint 2007. Cathay circulated the sales boxes for Office 2003 and 2007.

Features are as follows: 

                Office 2003            Office 2007

                Word                       Word

                Excel                      Excel

                Outlook                   Outlook

                PowerPoint             PowerPoint

                Access                   Access

                Publisher                Publisher

                InfoPath                  Accounting Express 

Please contact the following URL for more details regarding

2007 Office Suites:  http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/928091 


Winners of door prizes:

#1 Don Schoening: "USB 4gb Verbatim Drive" donated by Ira Wilsker
#2 Chris Boone: "In Motion Earphones" donated by Computer Dimensions
#3 Claud Sibert: "USB Sony 1.44 Floppy Drive" donated by Computer Shak
#4 Jerry Wilkerson: "Package of Cables" donated by Computer Shak
#5 Bobby Ford: "Wireless Audio Adapter FM Transmitter donated by    

     Zydeco Technologies
#6 Lois Cash: "Free Training Session from Ideas Are Us


New members: Nelson &Christina LeDee  and Cathay Young


Meeting was adjourned at 4:10. 


Submitted by,

Claud Sibert

GTPCC Secretary