May 15, 2011


Today’s meeting of the GTPCC was held in the Community Room of Howell Furniture, 6095 Folsom in Beaumont, Texas

Attendance: 18 members and 6 guests.

2 New Members and 2 Renewals

Guest Speaker Presentation: Microsoft Word and Access by Cathay Young of Ideas Are US



1:40 p.m.:  Dr. Sam opened meeting with Dr. Sam's Questions & Answers. Topics discussed:

            Sonic DVD maker & Nero

            Video cards - software driven now vs. hardware driven

            Reminder:  If having trouble with older hardware, new hardware better & less expensive

            Ira’s article this week in Examiner – Rogue Security Software list - enhanced view only

            GTPCC website,  list is under scams & alerts

            Windows Defender – needs to be turned off for some free downloads

            Microsoft updates – be notified that upgrades are available vs. automatic downloads

            E9 – works on Vista & W7, but not XP; looks like Google Chrome

            Windows shutdown – means another program over riding, need to set internet options

            Disabling Google toolbars - right click or use uninstaller Revo or CCleaner.

            Virus prevention – read your screen before you click


2:30 p.m.:  Main presentation by guest speaker Cathay Young on Microsoft Office Word &

        Access 2010

Cathay fellow member and owner of Ideas Are US for five years.

Teaches, builds and repairs.  Uses discovery method.

$22.00/Hr now.  Lives in Groves.  More for Beaumont area

Passed around book for Office 2010 (No disc available)

Features of Word same as Access – View tab most changes

MLA for college students, Publisher, Style/Themes, Screen Shots(new), Alt/Print Screen

Version 2010 requires you to uninstall all other versions

Need to research all functions to find amenities.  Some functions in more than one place

Gutters – page set up for bonded documents

Can add Excel spreadsheets using landscape.  May have to use Photoshop program

          Saves in docx.  Can save in different versions.  Has compatibility mode

          Access – More web-based.  Combines Word, Excel, Publisher & Powerpoint (open web pages)

          Takes info from Excel, designs & forms views

          Has calendar control (Word 2010 does not)

          Switchboard manager - large (Word 2010 allows only eight buttons)                                               

          Great for large amounts of data.  Can buy separately. Not difficult.

          Create database from bottom up starting with tables

          Excel can do some things better such as calculations

          Compact and repair database – recommended each time you close


3:50 p.m.:  Our President thanked Cathay for her presentation.

Announcements were made:

June Meeting:  New Network Technology by Dr. Sam Giglio

July: Useful and Needed Utilities.

August:  Mobile Me by Jennifer of Computer Dimensions

Check out NEW & FREE Advanced System Care 4 

Refurbished servers for sale at Zydeco


Our treasurer held drawing for door prizes, winners were:


Richard Baynes:  iPod Pillow Speaker Donated by GTPCC

Angela Walker: Removable Hard Drive Drawer Donated by GTPCC

Ruth Pyatt:  Wall Speaker Brackets Donated by GTPCC

Sandra Daughtry:  Removable Hard Drive Drawer Donated by GTPCC

Al Alvardo: Notebook Keyboard Cover Donated by Computer Dimensions

Gilbert Saldana:  Snack Crazy 100 Recipe Cards Donated by Barnes & Noble 


Meeting Adjourned at 4:45 p.m.


Submitted by, Gwen Jones

GTPCC Secretary