May 16, 2010

Todayís meeting of the GTPCC was held in the Community Room of Howell Furniture.

Attendance 22: 15 members and 11Guests.

One new member joined: Corey Griffith

Two Membership Renewals 

Guest Speaker:  Lauri Arnold, LIT Program Director, Instructor Computer Networking

Meeting opened 1:30 pm  by Dr. Sam for SIG discussion. The following topics were discussed:

1.       Recording files to CD & DVD using Windows 7 built in program.

2.       Coping files from old floppy disks to CDís.

3.       Converting PowerPoint files to video format usable on set top DVD players.

4.       X10.com & Presentation to Video Software.

5.       Using VGA cables to export video from laptops to LCD TVís.

6.       Transferring old hard drives to new computers. 


Microsoft will no longer support Windows 2000 or Windows XP sp2 after July 13, 2010.

LIT student computer club is collecting all types of computer hardware and electronic equipment for its recycling program. This is an ongoing fund raiser for their club. All donations would be appreciated.            

At 2;30 pm,  Dr. Sam introduced the main speaker, Lauri Arnold. She is Program Director of Computer Networking and Troubleshooting at the Lamar Institute of Technology. She discussed the programs available at LIT in addition to the curriculum. Information on Windows XP, Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7 were compared for reliability and security. Virtual Images of computers and the use of VM Ware will be taught for the first time this Fall semester at LIT. Lauri also mentioned new areas of interest such as Cloud Computing, and the problems associated with backup and security for this new concept. She entertained questions from the members until 4:00pm. At that time Jerry MacDaniels, club Treasurer gave out door prizes. The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

Door Prize winners:

#1 Don Schoening: 5.25 IDE Mobile Rack Removable Tray w/Fan donated by GTPCC
#2 Ruth Pyatt: Travel Trivia Game for RVers called "RALLY HO!" Donated by GTPCC
#3 Angela Walker: Ultra Portable USB 2.0 Pocket Card Reader/Writer donated by Computer Dimensions
#4 Bobby Ford: "Plain & Simple: Microsoft Office Word 2007" by Anonymous Donor
#5 Al Alvarado: Multi-Direction adjustable LED light for Notebook computer  by Anonymous Donor



Submitted by,

Sam Giglio

GTPCC Vice President