May 17, 2009

Meeting Location:  Howell Furniture

                              Community Room

                              6095 Folsom Drive

                              Beaumont, Texas


Meeting Presentation Start:     2:20 PM

Meeting Presentation End:      3:24 PM

Attending:  20 Members and 0 Guests. 

Featured Speaker:  Mr. Joe Mike Brooks

Owner of: Zydeco Technologies

3311 Calder (use feeder road west side of IH10)

Beaumont, Texas 77706

Telephone:  409-832-8559

Fax:  409-832-8109

E-Mail:  jbrooks@zydecotech.com

Web Site (URL):  http://www.zydecotech.com 

Zydeco Technologies provides several services to the community to include custom designed computers and IT services (on-site and remote).  Please visit the above URL to review the Zydeco products and services. 

Joe presented fundamental information about Web Servers and surfing the World Wide Web.  Of particular interest is the Domain Name Server (DNS) that converts a URL such as www.google.com into the dotted quad style ( address actually used over the Internet.  Also, a Domain Host Configuration Protocol Server (DHCP) automatically assigns an IP address to the computer at time of connection. 

Winners of door prize drawing:

Verbatim 4GB USB Drive donated by Ira Wilsker- - - Bob Finch
IOIO System Mechanic donated by Ira Wilsker- - - John Lauve
500 Pc Poker Game Set donated by Zydeco Technologies- - - Don Richardson
IDE Mobile Rack donated by Zydeco Technologies- - -  Ric Johnson

Two new members:  Gene Koch and Billy Hardee. 

Submitted by,

Claud Sibert

GTPCC Secretary