The May 20, 2007 meeting of the Golden Triangle PC Club had a total of 15 members and 8 guests, in attendance.  One of the guests, Diana Smoke, joined the club.

Don Schoening, Club President, called the meeting to order and welcomed the speaker and everyone in attendance. 

Michael Clayton, President & CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Beaumont, Texas, Inc, gave today's presentation.  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit corporation, supported entirely by private business to conserve public confidence in honest business.  It is not a public agency connected with or supported by any governmental body, nor is it an agency that handles legal matters, nor does it give legal advise.

Some of What the BBB Does . . .

        Supply consumers, 24 hours a day by phone and online, with factual reports bearing on the performance and reliability of a business firm or charity.  This is one of the most valuable services available from any source and it is provided at no cost.

        Assist with every-day money management problems through the availability of literature on many topics.

        Accept written complaints and reports of dissatisfaction related to selling and advertising practices.  Such reports are processed and investigated, most often resulting in voluntary adjustments on the part of the business involved.  A company's record of complaints and its handling of them influences the report given to inquirers regarding the company's reliability.

        Retain complaints which may not be acted upon immediately, and initiate appropriate action later, at a general level, if numerous similar complaints indicate unethical conduct.

        Furnish a list of members in any business category represented by the Bureau's membership. 

The BBB Does Not . . .

        Give legal advice or service.  Handle the enforcement of civil contracts or handle complaints where an attorney is or should be engaged.  Handle any matter that is already in the hands of the courts or has had previous judicial determination.

        Give credit ratings or credit information on companies or individuals.  Make collections.

        Act as a reference for any individual or business.  Give recommendations or endorsements.

        Help break or assist in voiding contracts made without fraud or misrepresentation, when the customer simply changes his mind.

        Handle complaints on refund and exchange policies because these policies are voluntarily adopted by retailers.

        Handle complaints between private individuals where no established business firm is involved.

        Pass judgment on:  prices charged for merchandise or services; fees charged by professionals such as physicians, attorneys, etc.; the efficiency or operations of appliances, machines or devices.

        Take complaints by telephone.  Handle old complaints.  Take complaints from a third party - the party of interest must report the complaint unless the third party represents minor or disabled person.

        Handle wage claims or employment disputes.

        Handle complaints involving used merchandise.  In the absence of a warranty, used merchandise is sold on an as-in basis.  In some cases, a seller's verbal representations may constitute a warranty. 

        Handle complaints on unsatisfactory repair in which the customer has already taken the item to another repair service for satisfactory repair.  (Some exceptions may apply.)

He stated that the Bureau had over 10,000 complaints against contractors, roofers, tree services, clean up services, carpet services, etc., to investigate after Hurricane Rita, Since the BBB was also affected by power outages and damages etc., they were limited in what they could do immediately; however, they were back to normal within a few weeks and able to resolve some of the complaints.

The Bureau here in Beaumont was established about 45 years ago and services 14,000 businesses in 8-1/2 counties in Texas and some in Louisiana.

If you have a business that you feel treated you unfairly, you should report this to the Bureau.  In the event that business is a member, and they do not satisfactorily come to some resolution by arbitration, that business will probably be taken off of their membership list and this will be reported to anyone who contacts the Bureau for information on that company. 

The Bureau may be contacted on the following websites:

         www.bbbsetexas.org (Business and charity reports on-line, plus more!)



Their e-mail addresses are:




Mr. Clay announced to the club that there would be another Shred It and Forget It event on September 8th at the Parkdale Mall.  On this day, you may bring documents which you need destroyed, even if they are still in notebooks, DVDs, Discs, and hard drives, etc.  You can practically bring anything you want destroyed and they can do it.  He advised bringing them in early because sometimes they have so much to destroy it is necessary to early in order to be able to complete the destruction process.

A brief question and answer period followed the presentation.

After the presentation, there was a drawing for door prizes.  Prizes were donated by various businesses, as well as by the Golden Triangle PC Club.  The club appreciates the generosity of these businesses and would like for club members to mention the club when shopping in their establishments.  The following were the winners:

Claud Sibert - EXPO Combination Board - donated by the Office Depot at Parkdale Mall

Scrolling Calculator - J. B. Oakes - donated by Office Depot at Gateway Mall

Angela Walker - A book, "Google Hacking" - donated by the Golden Triangle PC Club

Diana Smoke - Belkin Fire Wire Cable - donated by Office Depot at Parkdale Mall

Martin Tirabasso - A pack of three Belkin Gender Changer Connectors - donated by Office Depot at Parkdale Mall

Alice Sibert - $10 Gift certificate from Gander Mountain.

Dr. Sam Giglio announced programs which will be presented in the following months: See Upcoming Events. Later in the year, the club will offer presentations on free software.

After a brief question and answer period, it was brought out that if anyone has questions, or problems with their computers, either hardware or software related, they can bring them to the club's attention, and someone with the expertise in that area might possibly be able to give them some assistance and/or solution. The president introduced the utilities, Mailwasher and Calling ID., noting that these free utilities are very useful for avoiding viruses, spam and scumware.

President Don Schoening then announced that the next meeting would be on Sunday, June 17 at 2:30 p.m.  Beaumont Fire Department Captain, Ted Hillin, will be the speaker at this meeting.  He will be discussing the new computerized Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Medical Technician Services, and 9-1-1 services.  He encouraged all to attend this interesting presentation.

A special thanks was given to Dr. Sam Giglio for the donation of our podium. That was a great addition because it makes the meeting more organized and is a great assistance to the speaker.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM.

 Respectfully submitted by
Alice Sibert
GTPCC Secretary