April 18, 2010

Today’s meeting of the GTPCC was held in the Community Room of Howell Furniture.

Attendance 22: 18 members and 4 Guests.

One new member joined: Al Alvarado

Guest Speaker Was Pete DelaCruze, Director of 999 for Jefferson County.

Subjects discussed during SIG for April 18th meeting:
1.       Windows 7 Backup feature.
2.       Foxit free pdf reader software.
3.       Use of other browsers like Firefox, Chrome, etc.
4.       Websites for free utilities
5.       Use of External Hard drive to sore disk images, data, photos and music.
6.       Questions about home networks and use of Linux OS.

Minutes of April 18th meeting.: Dr. Sam opened the SIG for discussion at 1:30 pm. Various topics were discussed. At 2:30pm, Pres. Don Schoening introduced our main speaker, Pete De la Cruse. His topic was the Emergency 911 system. Web site for 911
mapping: www.setrpc.org . Questions were entertained after the presentation. At 3:45pm subjects for upcoming meeting were announced. Door prizes were given out and the meeting was adjourned at 4:10 pm.

Door Prize winners:

Zip CD Drive, from Zydeco Technologies won by Gene Koch.

Notebook Computer Lock Cable from GTPCC, won by John Lauve. 
17” Laptop Sleeve for Power Book from Computer Dimensions won by George Sculley. 
Book “Liberty and Tryanny”, won by Don Schoening. 
Wooden Wine Puzzler “Don’t break the Bottle”, won by Al Alvarado. 


Submitted by,

Sam Giglio

GTPCC Secretary