April 20, 2008

 The April 20, 2008 meeting of the Golden Triangle PC Club had a total of 19 members, and 6 visitors in attendance.


Dr. Sam Giglio conducted the discussion group prior to the meeting in which members and visitors participated in discussions regarding various aspects of computer problems.

At 2:30, Vice President, Dr. Sam Giglio, called the meeting to order and introduced the speaker, Adam Balla of American Classifieds. Adam gave an extended look at Ubuntu 8.04and a brief demo of the Asus eee pc.

Below  is a list of some open source linux applications demonstrated some of which are install by default in the latest Ubuntu 8.04.

Office Applications

Open Office - Open Office can be found at www.openoffice.org

Gnu Cash - A financial book keeping application.


Calculator - A basic calculator which is a default install

Tomboy Notes - A great note taking application

Terminal - A terminal which gives you access to the linux command shell

Text Editor - A basic text editor however more advanced than notepad

Screenshot app - A app to take a picture of your current desktop/window.


Nibbles - A very simple feed the worm game.

Mines - A minesweep style game.

Sudoku - A version of sudoku.

Mahjongg - Everyones favorite game.

FreeCell - Well this is actually everyone ones favourite.


Firefox - A great default web browser.

Thunderbird - An email applicatioon from mozilla.

Pidgin - An instant messaging client for both linux and windows. www.pidgin.im

Remote Desktop - A remote desktop application

Transmission - A small application to download torrent files.

Gftp -  A open source ftp application.

Sound & Video

Cd Extractor - An application to extract data from a CD/DVD.

CD/DVD Burning - A powerful CD/DVD burning application.

Movie Player - The default video player installed.

Rhythmbox - A great default audio player.

Sound Recorder - A simple audio recorder with FLAC support.


www.winehq.org to find out if your program will work in wine

Html Editors

Screem - An open source simple to use html editor.

Bluefish - Another open source html editor.

Visual Effects

Compiz Fusion - Allows you to create all kinds of great desktop effects.


General Intro into using virtual machines vs installing linux. This is the process of actually installing an operating system inside of another operating system. A great place to get started is to visit www.virtualbox.org



A small form factor laptop. Running a version of linux and also available with XP. Below are the system specs.

900mhz, 512mb DDR2 Ram, 7" LCD’ 4GB SSD hard drive, 3 USB ports, 1 VGA Port,

Built in wireless, Built in 10/100 Ethernet, 4-Cell Battery 3.5hrs.


President Don Schoening announced the Beaumont Public Library was in need of volunteers to instruct basic computer classes and to visit our web page for details. Also to be aware of the excellent software reviews provided by Dale Farris on the “Media” page on our website. 


The following were winners of Door Prizes:

Ctnthia Keedy – 3 Drawer Storage Container provided by Office Depot.

Adam Balla – 5 Mini DVD’s Provided by Edna Davis.

Jerry McDaniel- USB Keyboard provided by Computer Shak.

Claud Sibert - Digital Zoom USB Camera provided by Computer Dimensions.

John Mikeska – Backup4all Professional Software Provided by Claudiu Spulber.

George Scully – novaPDF Professional provided by Claudiu Spulber.


The meeting of the GTPCC adjourned at 4:35 PM. 


Submitted by,

Adam Balla

GTPCC Secretary