March 17, 2013


Today’s meeting of the GTPCC was held in Community Room of Howell Furniture, 6095 Folsom in Beaumont, Texas 

Attendance: 11members and  6 guests.

   No New Members: 

   3 Renewals:

Guest Speaker: John Ruisch of SLPCUG

Speaker Presentation: Tips for Windows 7

1:43 pm:  Our president opened meeting with Q & A.  Topics discussed:

              Windows 7 32 bit vs. 64 bit

              Ira Wilsker’s article on phone & computer scams

              Encrypted routers

              IE10 & Java Script

              Microsoft Restore point unreliability

              GTPCC website

2:35 pm:  Our President announced that our scheduled speakers from Computer Shak had to cancel and that, John Ruisch (Tiny), fellow member from Southwest Louisiana PC User’s Group, would instead be our guest speaker with his presentation of tips about Windows 7.

John showed us several built-in programs that can be accessed through the start menu on Windows 7:  Speech Recognition, Sticky Notes, Snipping Tool (found on most versions of Windows 7) and many more programs under Accessories.

He also showed us how we can change the appearance and accessibility of options in the Task Manager (with a right click on the Task Bar and click on properties).

He then led us through System Configuration Menu, Windows Display Color Calibration, Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT) and Device Manager with advice to google anything you are not familiar with before disabling/changing it and to reboot after making changes.

John finished his presentation with informing us about Windows7tip.com.

Note from "Tiny":

Here are the instructions on how to open all of the various things demonstrated or talked about at the meeting:
(most items can be easily opened by typing the first few letters into the start menu search box)

To open Speech Recognition:
a. Start
b. All Programs
c. Accessories
d. Ease of Access
e. Windows Speech Recognition
The first time you use Speech Recognition, go through the entire setup process.

To open Narrator:
a. Start
b. All Programs
c. Accessories
d. Ease of Access
e. Narrator

Sticky Notes and the Snipping Tool are in the accessories folder.

They are easily started by typing the first few letters into the search menu.

Right click the start button and select properties to customize the Task Bar,
Start Menu and Toolbars.

The easiest way to start the System Configuration Menu is to search for msconfig.
Click the Boot Tab and Advanced Properties to check using all cores during
startup. Click the Services tab to uncheck services you do not want to run at
startup. Be extremely careful in this section. Make sure it is really a non-
essential service. I recommend you don't uncheck any of the Microsoft
Services. GOOGLE is your friend.

The easiest way to open System Information is to use the search function.
Alternatively, you can open msconfig, click the Tools tab, highlight System
Information and click the Launch button.

To open the Display Color Calibration, search for dccw.exe

To run the Malicious Software Removal Tool, Click the Start Button and search for mrt.
I didn't get to fully demonstrate System Properties. Here
are my notes of what I was going to say (and do).

Discuss System Properties:
a. open Control Panel
b. click System
c. Discuss the Device Manager
d. All other selections open the same window in a different tab.
e. show how to change computer name.
f. Advance Tab-demonstrate change by disabling Aero Peak

Here is the link to the Microsoft Windows Learning Center that I briefly showed at the end:
To turn Windows Features on or off, open the Control Panel, click on Programs
and Features. Then click Turn Windows features on or off.

A complete list of Windows Keyboard shortcuts can be found at this link:
http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/wind ... -shortcuts

3:45 Drawing for Door prizes held by Treasurer: Winners were:

Conroy Hughes: Hot Beverage Heater donated by Sue Johnson

Bob Finch: Head Phone/Mick donated by Sue Johnson

Hannah Badeaux: Kingston 8gb Flash Drive donated by GTPCC

Sue Johnson: Silicone Skin for iPhone 4g donated by Computer Dimensions

Rebecca Head: Desk Assy, Tables and Mish donated by Barnes and Noble

John Ruisch: 30 Secrets, World’s Healthiest Cuisines donated by Barnes and Noble

Billie Jean Sorrels: “Open-X” with Piercing Blade donated by GTPCC


4:20 Meeting adjourned.


Submitted by,

Gwen Jones

GTPCC Secretary