March 20, 2011


Today’s meeting of the GTPCC was held in The Community Room of Howell Furniture, 6095 Folsom, Beaumont, Texas

Attendance:19 Members and 18 Guests.
Guest Speaker: Ira Wilsker, Host of "My Computer Show": Free Google Services


1:30 p.m.:  Dr. Sam opened meeting with Questions & Answers. Topics discussed:

            Super Antivirus Spyware & Malwarebytes

            Speed testing using IE:  Time Warner Cable & www.speedtest.net

            DNS (Domain Name Server)           

            How to clean up your computer:  CCleaner, Auslogics (Defrag),

            SuperAntivirus Spyware, www.ilovefreesoftware.com

            Flash drives


            Belarc advisor

           Make sure you secure your wireless router(s).

           Rule of thumb:  Need 10% or more of free harddrive space for computer to run properly.


2:30 p.m.:  Main presentation by guest speaker  Ira Wilsker on Google Free Services

On Google home page click on “more”, scroll down and click “even more” to view all services.

Need to create an account to get full access to all programs.

Items Ira introduced us to:

          Google Books:  about 3.5 million to choose from, also magazines old

                                     and new.

          Google Health:  Track all your health info, specify who gets access to info, can import

                                      info from approved facilities.

          Google Voice:  One number for all phones, online voice mail, cheap calling, can change

                                    voice to text and send to phone.

          Google Translate:  Can view web pages in other languages, can copy and paste text and


Ira briefly told us about several other programs such as Google Calandar, Checkout, Earth, Finance, Picasa, Maps, Docs and Froogle.


4:00 p.m.:  President, thanked Ira for his great presentation.

Announcements were made:

          Any new member that wants on our bulk e-mail list, contact GTPCC



          View GTPCC web page frequently as it is updated regularly.  


April 17 Meeting:  Virtual machines to be presented by Lauri Arnold, LIT program director  


Treasurer Jerry McDaniel, held drawing for door prizes; winners being: 

Ruth Pyatt; Stitchable Journal (Needlepoint Projects) Donated by Barns & Noble  

Ira Wilsker: Don’t Break the Bottle puzzle donated by Barns & Noble 

Stuart Griggs: Belkin Cleaning Kit donated by Computer Dimensions 

Gilbert Saldana: Universal TV, VCR & CBL Control Donated by  GTPCClub 

John Ruisch: iCar Play Wireless 200 donated by Computer Dimensions 

John Lauve: 4GB G3 Data Traveler Flash Drive donated by GTPCClub 


4:15 p.m.  Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by,

Gwen Jones

GTPCC Secretary