February 15, 2009

The February 15, 2009 GTPCC meeting had a total of 18 members and 9 guests in attendance. 

The meeting began at 1:30 pm when Dr. Sam Giglio opened the SIG discussion group. Dr. Sam assisted a new visitor with an e-mail problem after he has been referred to our club by Ira Wilskerís Radio program. Bob Ford shared the resolution of converting his Toshiba notebook from Vista to XP with a disk he obtained from Tim at Zydeco Technology for a fee of $15.00. Other questions were discussed on topics concerning malware. Ira added to the discussion with recommendations of the use of Malwarebytes, A-Square, and the new Vipre sofeware for maintaining clean running computers.

  Dr. Sam introduced the main speaker, Ira Wilsker, at 2:30 pm. He made his presentation on the use of Flash drives to run software programs without installing them on the computerís hard drive. Flash drives can use free software to run programs, as well as, surf the net without placing or leaving anything on the computerís hard drive. He demonstrated numerous  free programs  found  at www.portableapps.com .  After the presentation questions were addressed. Ira Continued with a short discussion on the use and purpose of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). The new phone service "magicJack" http://www.magicjack.com/  was given full attention due to versatility and low cost for full service.

The annual elections for new officers were then held. No new nominations were forthcoming, and Bob Ford made a motion to re-elect the exiting slate of officers. It was seconded by Marty Tirabasso. It was pointed out that Adam Balla the current secretary was unable to finish his term due to new job conflicts. Dr. Sam agreed to take on the duties of the secretary since no one volunteered to do so.

Door prize winners:
Gene Koch;                  DVD+R (Pack of 25): Donated by Computer Dimentions
Jerry Wilkerson;           Gender Changer: Kit donated by GTPCC Fund
Bobby Ford;                 Iolo System Mechanic: donated by Ira Wilsker
James Cunningham;    4GB ReadyBoot USB Drive: donated by Ira Wilsker
Ira Wilsker;                   Board Game Megahits: donated by GTPCC Fund

The meeting adjourned at 4:15.


Submitted by,

Sam Giglio for Adam Balla

GTPCC Secretary