January 19, 2014


Todayís meeting of the GTPCC was held in Community Room of Howell Furniture,

6095 Folsom in Beaumont, Texas


Attendance: 19 members and 6 guests.

  New Members: None

  Renewals: None

Guest Speaker: Dr. Sam Giglio

Speaker Presentation: Windows 8.1 With Q&A

At 1:38 pm: Dr. Samís Q&A: Topics discussed: 

Anti-Virus Automatic renewals, RFID tracking system, Updating adobe software, Note: Best to uninstall and then reinstall certain failed programs updates, Browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome),             Losing XP support, OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

At 2:35 pm: Guest Speaker Presentation: Windows 8.1 With Q&A

Dr. Sam Giglio continued the meeting with a presentation of Windows 8.1.

Dr. Sam navigated us through basic features of Windows 8 including Apps by name, Start button and menu and start screen tiles, Charm bar, How to shut down and close programs, Action center, Skydrive and Skype. He demonstrated how to install Windows 8.1 from windows store. Note:  Must setup Microsoft account and must install all updates of Windows 8 first.

Dr. Giglio informed us of help sources for Windows 8 such as:



            www.amazon.com shortcuts for W8 printout

And showed us how to put a website tile on desktop, how to activate live tiles and classic shell installation.

At 3:45 pm: Door prize drawing held by Jerry McDaniel. See "Door Prizes" page for door prize winners and donors.

At 4:05 pm: Meeting adjourned 

Submitted by,

Gwen Jones

GTPCC Secretary