January 17, 2009

Today’s Meeting guest speaker: Ira Wilsker, “Shopping Online”. 

Meeting Presentation: Commenced at 2:30, Adjourned at 4:25                                 

                                      Attending: Members 22 and 8 Visitors

                                      1 New member, Jan Goodson

                                      Membership renewals: 3


 Ira Wilsker’s presentation, Shopping Online, began with security and fraud protection such as the use of PayPal, credit cards (including the 1 time use)and debit cards (unsafe and un-protected), as well as browser security.

Ira continued with the navigating to the many web sites available for some great bargains and sales offered on the internet as well as local businesses. A listing of web sites is available on the “bulletin Board” page on this web site. Due to the loss of power, Ira agreed to continue this presentation at our February 21 meeting. 


Drawing for the door prizes was held with the winners being:                                          

Martin Tirabasso: Roadside Talking Compass donated by GTPCC

Robert Montgomery: IDE Mobile Rack donated by Zydeco Technologies

Stuart Griggs: System Cooler Fan Donated by Computer Shak

Reagan Williams: Media Reader for iPod donated by Computer Dimensions
Richard Brink: Wireless Networks for Dummies (Book) donated by Barnes & Nobles 

Announcement was made: Seniors Introduction to Computers Seminar was to be held on February 27 at LIT by Ira Wilsker. For additional information and registration contact Angela Clark @ 409-880-8114. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:25 PM. 

Submitted by Don Schoening, President

Due to un-timely resignation of secretary Claud Sibert