January 20, 2008

The January 20, 2008 meeting of the GTPCC had an attendance of 16 Members and 14 guests.

At 2:30 the meeting was called to order by Vice President, Dr. Sam Giglio who welcomed all to the GTPCC meeting and introduced our guest speakers Greg Badeaux and Kevin Grinnell of NFO Technologies presentation on “Revisiting Vista”.  

Although the Vista operating system is a very stable, secure and well designed operating system, many difficulties still exist for many users. The lack of drivers for hardware and programs seem to top the list of complaints but difficulties in system navigating were also mentioned by those used to XP. The upcoming service pack for Vista is expected to solve many of these difficulties, which is due to come out this spring. Greg requested feedback from Vista users which would give a general idea of problems encountered by e-mailing him at gbadeaux@nfotechnologies.com  This would provide a forum for solving and correcting problems that could be passed on to Vista users.

Greg and Kevin also informed us the upcoming service pack 3 for XP available now in Beta. With the large promoting of Vista, the reason for the XP service pack is uncertain. To download XP SP3, see the "Meeting Review" Page.

Dr. Giglio discussed upcoming speakers and programming, February meeting: Ira Wilsker on Free Software Utilities, Part II, March meeting: Mini Mac by Computer Dimensions. 

President, Don Schoening announced the fact that our club was in dire need of a new computer, it would be more costly than updating our present computer which is about 6 years old. All voted in favor of authorizing Treasurer Jerry McDaniel to pursue and purchase a new computer. Greg Badeaux graciously offered to put forth a discount package for us to consider. It was also mentioned that operating system would be Vista

Door Prize drawings were held by Treasurer Jerry McDaniel, winners were: 

Ric Johnson = $10 Gander Mountain Gift Card

Mae Francis = Hi-Speed USB PCI Card donated by Computer Shak

Bob Finch = Wireless USB Adaptor donated by Computer Shak

George Scully = SuDokn Puzzle Game donated by GTPCC

Angela Walker = Gender Changer Kit donated by Office Depot 

The Meeting adjourned at 4:40 PM.


Submitted by Don Schoening, President

for Alice Sibert, Secretary