Golden Triangle Personal Computer Club (GTPCC)





Minutes for GTPCC staff and board of directors on 16 June, 2018.

Submitted by Gwen Jones, GTPCC Secretary.

10:00: meeting called to order by Don Schoening, GTPCC President with following statement,

As everyone is aware, after the destruction of our facilities by hurricane Harvey, there have been no meetings, events or updates of the GTPCC. This year we have seen a decline of membership and attendance as well as overall participation in the GTPCC.

As acting president of the GTPCC (Golden Triangle Computer Club), I recommend and submit the motion to shut down all events and dissolve the GTPCC in accordance with the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation (with amendments) of the Golden Triangle Computer Club. If this motion is passed and carried by all present, the goal for devolvement would be March 1st, 2019.

10:17: motion was second by Dr. Sam Giglio, GTPCC Vice President, all were in favor, motion carried.

10:20: discussion held for the dispersements of GTPCC assets and was agreed to donate all monies ($643.00) to Southeast Texas Food Bank, Beaumont, Texas. Other assets were destroyed by Harvey or are obsolete and of no value. Jerry McDaniel, GTPCC Treasurer, agreed to close account at Mobil Credit Union and submit check of $643.00 to Southeast Texas Food Bank.

10:45: meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Gwen Jones, GTPCC Secretary


Welcome to the Golden Triangle Personal Computer Club web site. We thank you for taking time out  to visit our site. This site has been obtained by the GTPCC with donated  hosting by Plantit Webs ( in Beaumont, Texas. We of the GTPCC greatly appreciate the space, time, assistance and support of Gene Lindsey of Plantit Webs.


  The Golden Triangle PC Club (GTPCC) is a non profit organization (EIN 76-0663939) dedicated to providing programs and services to the computer community in enhancing their computer skills and broadening their awareness of the computer industry for business and home use.

    The GTPCC has been in operation since 1988, serving Southeast Texas. The club began back in the old days of DOS and continues today with the new user-friendly Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The Club addresses laptops, tablets, smart phones, apps, networking, hardware and software for today's environment. These include internet security, social media, and maintenance of all hardware. We discuss the rich environment of the Internet in virtually all aspects of today's worldwide communications. Our guest presentations vary from Lamar University faculty, as well as, local venders. The GTPCC remains up-to-date on the advancements in computer and internet technology so vital in today's rapidly changing world. For ease of access to information at our site, we have provided links in the left frame to key reports and information about the many features of the club. Here you will find a quick and easy way to keep up with our monthly programs as well as our clubs objectives. We are proud to offer you this electronic means of keeping in touch with our pc club, and encourage you to join the club and participate with this very active computer group.


Don Schoening, GTPCC President