Door Prize Donors     



As one of the many benefits for members, as well as nonmembers,  guests, and visitors, when items are available the PC club holds door prize drawing for computer hardware or software items that have been provided by vendors. These door prize items are not available in each meeting, and many times the number of items to be used as door prizes will be limited in number.

We have registered the club with various computer-related vendors, and sometimes these door prize items may be directly sent to club leadership in response to this registration. Other times, the items may be provided in response to a direct request to a vendor from club leadership to have an item donated. Other times, the items may be provided as a door prize by a member after they have completed and posted at the GTPCC Web site a review of the item.

Door prize items are available for club members, nonmembers, guests and visitors, and are limited to one door prize item per member family, nonmember family, guest and visitor family. In some instances, door prize items may be restricted to only club members.

Member families are provided one door prize ticket for each member of the member family, and the family may purchase up to five (5) additional door prize tickets for the family.

Non-member, guest and visitor families are also provided one ticket for each person in the nonmember, guest, or visitor family, and the nonmember, guest, or visitor family may also purchase up to five (5) additional door prize tickets for the family.



The Golden Triangle PC Club gives a special thanks to the businesses listed below who have so generously

supported our club with items for door prizes. 


Barnes and Noble

4155 Dowlen Rd., Parkdale Mall

Beaumont, Texas

Phone: 409-898-1111

Computer Dimensions
3050 Dowlen Road
Beaumont, Tx. 77706
Phone: (409) 866 8378

Computer Shak
Robert Fore, President
Steven Fore, Vice President / General Manager
4615 College Street
Beaumont, Texas 77707
Phone: (409) 840 6500

Howell Furniture

6095 Folsom Road

Beaumont, Texas


Zydeco Technologies
Joe Brooks, General Manager

1520 South Major Drive
Beaumont, Texas 77707
FAX 409-832-1563




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