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TO: Southeast Texas Computer Vendors

FROM: Golden Triangle Personal Computer Club (GTPCC)

SUBJECT: Discounts for Club Members

The Golden Triangle Personal Computer Club requests your partnership in a program to provide discounts for members of the Golden Triangle PC Club who choose to purchase merchandise from your business.

The Golden Triangle Personal Computer Club (GTPCC) is an officially recognized member of the National Association of PC Users Groups (APCUG), and has been active in Southeast Texas for over 25 years. Our Computer Club members live throughout Southeast Texas and have diverse interests in the computer industry and many years experience with computers.

The club has many active members who regularly participate in monthly meetings to learn about computers, and in special computer interest groups (SIG's) that explore such topics as genealogy research on computers, computer hardware, operating systems, and various software applications.

Our members regularly spend money on new computers, computer upgrades, and especially computer software, and because of their membership in the club, are frequently asked for vendor recommendations when their friends and associates consider purchasing computer-related products and services.

As an incentive for club members to trade with your business, we request you provide club members special price discounts on computer-related merchandise purchased from your store. The discount arrangements might include across-the-board discounts on any computer-related purchase, specific discounts on select items, time-sensitive special pricing that may follow already existing marketing plans within your company, or other similar types of discounts. Also, items to be given as door prizes.

To assure members qualify for the discount, club leadership will be responsible for distributing membership cards that are officially certified by an club officer (Club Treasurer) to indicate active status in the club, as well as distribution of door prizes.

We appreciate your consideration of this request and the opportunity to partner with this dynamic group of special customers who believe in shopping in Southeast Texas for computers and computer-related supplies.

For more information, feel free to contact any of the names in the club contacts list in the left frame of the home page of this site.